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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Look at all of these awesome outfits! | Family Photographer | Minooka, IL

The first day of JKP fall mini sessions was such a great day!! Mallory and I loved seeing so many JKP loyal clients and we enjoyed meeting a new family! I am in awe of everyone's outfits!!  Hopefully it was due to my awesome Fall Mini Session guide that I sent to everyone ;)  HA!!

We had donuts, coffee, Gatorade, juice boxes and water for everyone (call it a bribe for the kids if you may-ha!).

We started off with Mallory's gorgeous family!  Her daughter Charlotte has the cutest personality!  I was trying to get a family picture but she decided that she wanted to come strutting over to me and I fell in love with this image!!!  There are more of them all smiling as a family but this one just makes me giggle!

The "W" family was next and Brody was being shy but dad was able to get some really great smiles out of him!  This picture was just too sweet not to give as the sneak peek!

Next up is the "S" family.  Another sister and brother combination where the sister was absolutely perfect but little brother was super shy!  It's ok though - another dad to the rescue to get super adorable pictures of Asher!!

I have known the "G" family forever and this was their first true family session with me!  I was so happy that dad said yes to them :)  I was going to post a normal - everyone looking and smiling at the camera - picture .... but I decided on this one because it just makes me smile!!

The "S" family is next and mom wanted this picture and I'm so happy she asked for it because O.M.Geeeeee. ...  how adorable are these kids in Daddy's arms?!

Now we are onto the "R" kiddos!!!!!!  Mallory and I could NOT handle their cuteness!!!  It's been over a year since I photographed them and they didn't disappoint!!!  Izzy is such a ham and I love how her siblings think so too!!

The "T" family is always the sweetest family!  The love this family shares is so great!  I just hate how Parker is losing his cheeks!!  That means he's growing up ... time needs to slow down!!

Next up is the "Z" family - and talk about love!  Mom and dad are so stinking cute (they even came for pictures last month for their 10 year anniversary!)!  But kissing to the kids is ewwwww!  :)

The "F" family did so great but there is something about this picture of Lilly that I just can't get enough of!  I'm not sure if it's her blue eyes or those freckles OR her missing teeth!!  All I know is that I love this image of her!

This was the first time meeting the "H" family and boy did we have fun!  These sisters are so adorable so I had to post one of just them!  This is Kate telling Grace a secret about what she wanted for her birthday :)  Hope you got what you wanted, Kate!

Last but not least was my little sister and her gorgeous family!  I loved how the kids gave natural smiles since dad was with :)  My niece and nephew look so grown up though ... makes me shed a tear!  I know I said it before but I will say it again ... I need time to slow down!

Thank you to everyone who made this first day so absolutely perfect!  Can't wait to see the next group of families!