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Monday, June 11, 2012

Ahoy Matey

Who is interested in a Pirate themed mini session?!  Below are a few images to show you what you can expect.  I will provide the treasure chest, gold coins, swords, eye patches, bandana, jewelry, treasure maps, hook, clip on earrings and of course, the location ... you just need to bring the outfit!  I recommend a white long sleeved shirt (rolled up or torn), black pants (rolled up or torn), and black vest.

My weekends are booked until the end of September so I thought the next best thing would be a Friday!  I will be taking appointments every 1/2 hour between 1pm and 4pm on Friday, July 6th.  Email me ASAP to schedule your appointment.


This is the 10x20 collage that comes with the session.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Evelyn's 6 Month SNEAK PEEK

This was my first time meeting this little beauty.  Wow is all I have to say!  She is so stunning and she's only 6 months old!  Her parents are SUPER nice (and wouldn't you know, they are beautiful too!).  Thank you so much for the referral Kyla!

I just love the serious look!  But I'm also a sucker for that gorgeous smile!

I just love this picture

Flower pot time!!  She was playing hide and seek behind the "grass" ... it was so cute!

There's nothing like baby giggles!!

This is my favorite!!!  I love everything about this picture!!!!

  The only problem we had was that she hated the sun ... so we weren't able to get her with the water as the background.  I'm so glad because I love these too!

 I have lots of adorable naked butt pictures but I don't post them anymore so here's the only inside picture that I will share :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Guy's Newborn Session SNEAK PEEKS

I was super excited when Dee contacted me about doing her little man's newborn pictures!  I just love newborns!!!!!  I also love when they have a big sister because they almost always want to be the baby's mother and hold/hug/kiss/love on them so it's not hard to get pictures with them together :)  The hardest part is usually taking the baby away from them - ha!  Thank you for the referral, Kristin! Enjoy your sneak peeks!

She is going to be one heck of a big sister!!  She loves her brother!!!
 Absolutely love this picture!

 HA!!!!  This is by no means a fantastic picture but it just cracks me up!

Now THIS is a perfect picture!  He is so handsome!!

He didn't like posing for me but I was able to get this picture :)  
 He kept poking his feet out of the blanket - so precious!
 Love the hat that Candy Gram picked out!!!
 OMG!!!!!!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!  
Look at those lips!!
Dad's lil' football buddy

Monday, April 23, 2012

Lauren's Maternity SNEAK PEEKS

I was so excited to meet Lauren because two of my wonderful clients are friends with her so I knew she had to be just as wonderful!  Thank you Shari and Lisa for the referral!!!  We had to squeeze her in for pictures because she contacted me two weeks before her due date!  I know - I was freaking out a little ;)  Anyway, little Liam is due this week and I can't wait to do his newborn pictures!  Hope you enjoy your sneak peek, Lauren and Ryan!

How sweet is Lana with her mama?!!

In case you can't read it ... it says, "Can't Wait! Love Mom & Dad"

Liam :)

Taking a little break to calm down was the best thing :)
 Some fun family moments :)

Another one that I love!!!  

So I told Lauren and Ryan to just relax because I was only getting her belly ... but I took this shot because I just loved how they looked!  Sorry for lying but I hope you love it too!

Absolutely gorgeous!

Ava's 6 month SNEAK PEEKS

Sweet and gorgeous Ava is 6 months!   I just love when she comes for pictures :) This princess loves the camera ... and the camera LOVES her!!! She has the most stunning blue eyes!  Thank you so much for bringing her Meghan and Jimmy!  Can't wait to see her again in 3 months :)

She really is an angel baby!!

Her eyes just popped with this owl hat!!!  She is such a beauty!!

Love the look she was giving her Daddy!!!  Then love the tongue sticking out in the one on the right!!

Just chillin :)

She is seriously the sweetest little girl!!

 The many faces of Ava :)

She is sooooo loved!!

Friday, April 20, 2012


Wow - it's been over two months since I've posted anything on my blog!  I have had so many great sessions over the past couple months and I apologize for not blogging them!!  With that said ... I am going to try and get back into the swing of things and give everyone a sneak peek!  Wish me luck :)

I met The "L" Family last October during my Family Mini Sessions and they have been back two times already!  This is such a great family and I have to say that their style is just awesome!  Great parents = great kids!  Thanks for the continued business AND referral!

 This should be on the clothing website!  They are absolutely gorgeous!

 They both make me smile :)

Nolan LOVED being a big boy and sitting on that rock!  It was the cutest thing!!!

Avery is so beautiful!

 Mommy telling Avery a secret :)
 These two were definitely made for one another!

 I went to take a picture of them kissing and Nolan walked right in front of me ... absolutely perfect!

Avery is ready for Paris :)

This kid is just too much!  I love his curls!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dominic's 3 month pictures

I have honestly never seen a happier baby than this little man!!!  HOLY COW!!  I couldn't stop smiling his entire session and then I never stopped smiling while editing his pictures!  Kyla and Mark are blessed with a happy (and extremely handsome) little boy!!  I'm so glad that I get to see Dominic every three months!!

Love these family shots!

Gorgeous family!!

 HA!!  LOVE his look!!!

And here come the smiles and giggles ... 

Seriously ... he is just too much!

Love this :)

 I giggle just looking at this picture!

so perfect

Hee hee ...