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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Grady's 18 months SNEAK PEEK

Grady won first place in the 2011 Best Photo Search in the 1 month - 1 year category ... and this was his free mini session (which includes 25 images on a CD).  I hadn't seen Grady since his 1 year pictures and he changed so much.  He's like a little man already.  Stop growing up so fast please!  I'm sure your mom and dad will agree.  Hope you love these as much as I do :)

I didn't think it was possible for him to get any cuter but somehow ... he did!!!
 Having some fun with the leaves
 How cute are these?!  This is my stand set up for Halloween.  Grady loved the spiders in the jar.  I just love the bottom right picture!
(I will be putting something similar together after Halloween for Fall.)
Can't wait to see you in another 6 months!  XOXO

Shane's Senior Pictures SNEAK PEEK

Wow - I can't believe I'm back to giving sneak peeks!  Thank goodness, right?!  Shane was by far the easiest teenage male that I have photographed!  He was willing to try anything ... he even put up with me 'yelling' at him to show his teeth :)  Shane has the most gorgeous blue eyes ... and the cutest dimples (when he smiles and shows teeth)! Debbie - hope you both love the pictures!

Funny story ... I asked Shane to jump over the fence so I could take pictures on the other side and the fence broke!  I felt horrible but his mom thought it was absolutely hysterical!  Then we were all laughing.  I'm so glad he had a great sense of humor!  
 Such a handsome guy!

 The water was so blue and beautiful with the sun shinning off of it!  

Have to have the serious look for the railroad tracks :)
Seriously ... I LOVE the image below on the right!!!!  LOVE!
And this one too (bottom right!)
 I wish you the best, Shane!  Thanks for being such a great sport with your pictures!

Lilah's 1 year pictures

The last time I saw this little princess was when she was only a few days old.  My oh my has she changed - ha!!  She started off acting shy but mommy was able to get the smiles out of her!  And of course we had to get her in the flower pot that she fit in as a newborn :)  Thanks for bringing her back, Ashley!

I'm loving her little UGGs!  What a doll!

 Just look at her gorgeous eyes! Love the bottom picture!!!

 One of my favorite things for the little girls to do ... play dress up!
 Such a cutie pie!!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Liam's 3 month pictures

Remember this little guy?!  Well he's no longer little ... and he's only 3 months!  I couldn't believe my eyes when Kirby walked in the door with him.  I love the "outfit" mommy brought for him!  He is so handsome, isn't he?!  Can't wait to see him at 6 months :)

LOVE these!!
 Such a big boy :)

 We took pictures in the trench bowl for his newborn pictures so we had to take them again at 3 months :)

Happy Halloween :)

Love his little tie!

Liam was so tired that he fell right asleep for these next pictures.  Look at those rolls ... I want to eat hiim up!

Abigail's 6 month pictures

I just loved photographing Abigail at 3 months so I couldn't wait to photograph her again at 6 months!  She didn't let me down either ... she was ALL smiles!  Andrea and Aaron are great and I love that they got their family picture taken again this time.   Can't wait to see her again at 9 months!!!!

Daddy's girl :)

This little princess makes me smile!!!
 How cute is she?!
 Love moments like these :)
Happy Halloween :) 
 You know I love getting these at 6 months :)

Ava's newborn pictures

I just love babies!!!  Ava was a perfect little angel when it came to her photo shoot.  I love that the blanket she used for some of the pictures was made by Ava's grandma!  How sentimental.  Thank you so much for bringing her, Meghan and I'm so grateful that I was able to capture your beautiful daughter at 12 days young!  I'm sure she's already changed!

Told you she was a little angel :)

What a gorgeous little girl!!!  Love the smile!
 Love the picture with mom and daughter!

What a beautiful little bear!!
 Harvest time :)  I just love that bonnet!!!
 perfect in every way!

"D" Family and Grayson's 1 year pictures

I am so happy that Monique decided to schedule her family for pictures!  She was a little worried because she has an autistic child and wasn't sure how well he would do ... well he was perfect!  My style is to let kids be kids so I am not sure it could've been easier :)  Shyla is the oldest and she is like a little mother ... she melted my heart!  Thank you so much for coming and I hope to see you again soon!

 It was such a beautiful day too!  How sweet is the picture with Logan kissing Grayson?!
 Three absolutely gorgeous children!
 LOVE the picture of Shyla and Logan!!!
 Grayson's 1st birthday pictures :)  He's such a ham!

A few candids that I love ...

Aubrie's newborn pictures

I was so excited to take Aubrie's newborn pictures ... the posed ones!  Grandma Pat bought this awesome baby carriage and was waiting for the opportunity to use it.  I am soooooo happy that she did because I think the pictures with it are just so cool.  It also helps that the pictures are taken on their farm ... in front of their barn ... and cows!!  Let me tell you ... that was one heck of an experience!  Being in the pasture with all of those cows ... peeing, pooping and doing something else that should NOT have been done in front of a child ;)  HA!!  We then went back to my house to finish the shoot but she didn't want to sleep (which you would never know by looking at the images below).  We were done after we took off her diaper for some cute poses and she went #2 so I picked her up and then she went #1 on me :)  HA!  So we tried again a few days later (this is the benefit of being one of my best friends!).  She still didn't want to sleep but she finally gave in at the end and we got some really great pics.  I can already tell she is going to be stubborn just like her mama!  Love ya, Nicki!

The picture below is probably one of my favorite images of all time!  My husband said he didn't like it because you couldn't see Aubrie.  So I started to explain to him what I thought and realized that it wasn't going to change his mind.  
You either love it or you don't ... and I LOVE IT!!!!
Doesn't she look gorgeous all dressed up?!

Hunny Pot pictures :)

 Here are two more of my favorites!  
(You would really think she was cool, O!   Love you!)

All wrapped up :)

 How adorable are these?!!
 We were attempting to take her pictures in this outfit in my backyard when I looked over and saw a Monarch butterfly a few feet away!  Made me get the chills!  Your big brother is with you ... always!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"V" Family Pictures

I photographed Miss Emma last year and didn't know that she was going to be a big sister at the time :)  I feel bad for Chris ... actually ... I feel bad for all of the boys who go after his girls!!  Emma and Mia both have the most stunning eyes!!!  I'm so glad that it finally worked out (we had to reschedule 800 times because of the weather).

Gorgeous family!!
 Daddy and his girls :)

 Three absolutely gorgeous girls!
(Hmmm ... I wonder where the girls get their eyes from?!)

Emma's 3 year pictures ... isn't she the cutest?!

I love this :)
 Hi sweetheart!!

Miss Mia looking so beautiful!!

These girls are seriously too much!