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Monday, March 13, 2017

Do you know what the sparkles resemble in my logo? Read on to find out! Newborn | Family Photographer | Minooka, IL

I was given the opportunity to put 100% of my time towards photography almost one year ago and I honestly haven't been happier!  I'm not stressed out and I'm loving being there for my kids all the time!

I knew that I wanted a clean start to my new full time job ... which meant I needed to rebrand. I hired a big company online to create a logo that represented me and I was very disappointed :( They didn't get me and I literally hated every logo they created for me.  However, they were great and gave me all my money back.  So I went on a search to find the perfect company for me to design my logo.  I found Marie from Autumnscreek. I love colorful and fun things but I also wanted to incorporate the people I love that are no longer with us. She designed the perfect logo for me!

Let's take a step backwards for a minute ... I was at the funeral of one of my best friend's son, and the priest talked about how her 3 year old little boy was a caterpillar and now is a gorgeous butterfly. "The butterfly is the most frequently mentioned ADC sign.  It is a spiritual symbol for life after death because of its metamorphosis, or transformation, from a caterpillar that crawls on the ground to a beautiful, almost ethereal creature that flies through the air."  I have never looked at a butterfly the same after that funeral.  I think of Owen every single time I see a Monarch butterfly and it makes me smile knowing he is with us and watching over us.

In the summer of 2014, I lost my mom to COPD (only 10 months after we lost my stepdad to lung cancer).  I miss her with all of my heart!  I wanted her to be a part of my business, as she was my biggest fan!  The picture below was my mom's favorite picture of the two of us - it was taken at my friend's wedding.

So Marie from Autumnscreek put in the sparkles in my logo for the people I have lost.  There are five sparkles and they represent my dad who I lost when I was 2, my grandparents, Owen, my stepdad and my mom.

I have a love for photography but it's because I have lost so many people in my life that I realize just how important it really is - you just never know how long you have with your loved ones!

So now you know the meaning behind my logo.  It doesn't make me sad - it makes me happy knowing all of those people have a piece of my heart.


Friday, January 27, 2017

Is there anything better than baby rolls?! Now offering sitter sessions! Baby photographer | Minooka, IL

I'm so excited to announce that I've added mini sitter sessions in addition to newborn and classic sessions!  What is a mini sitter session, you ask?!  Well it's the perfect mini session to capture your gorgeous baby ... after the newborn session, of course!  The baby (aka "sitter") is typically 6-9 months old and is sitting unassisted, but not yet crawling.  Their personalities have really come out at this stage and it's so fun to capture!  Babies are so proud of themselves when they are sitting on their own and they give the cutest expressions!  This stage is my next favorite after newborns (nothing beats the miracle of a baby!).  I have to be honest though ... their chubby rolls get me every time!

These sessions are the perfect way to document their first year if you chose not to do my Watch Me Grow package. I provide all of the props so there is no need to buy anything (unless you really want something in particular - than how can I tell you no?!).

Best time to schedule a mini sitter session is after their morning nap but before lunch. They are full of energy ... and giggles ... and rolls (have I mentioned how much I love baby rolls?!) ... and toothless grins (or even better if they have a tooth or two coming thru!!!!).  I love when they do their fake cough!  And how they usually giggle when you pretend to sneeze!  One of my ultimate favorite images is when they grab their feet ... and try to eat them!  Aghhhhhh!   I want to photograph a sitter session just thinking about them!!

Here is an example from my most recent mini sitter session.  Are her rolls not to die for?!  And those big brown eyes!!!  Just gorgeous!  She was such a little ham for her session!

Below are a few additional images that were taken at the 6/7 month timeframe ... all the rolls, dimples, giggles, big eyes and toes are just too much for my heart to handle!

Mini Sitter Session Details
20 minute weekday session
outside or studio - one child only
for babies 6-9 months sitting unassisted
props included (headbands, hats, baskets, etc.)
5 high resolution images and print release
online gallery to choose images

Contact me at info@jennikenney.com if you are interested in one of these sessions (I promise to contain myself and won't eat their rolls)!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Check out how much it snowed during these sessions!! Family Photographer | Minooka, IL

I was very nervous that it was going to be raining on this day but the morning forecast showed 100% chance of snow and man were they right!  Seriously ... I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day! Thank you Amy and Ross for letting me use your gorgeous backyard for these sessions!! And thank you once again to my husband for helping set it all up (even my kids helped with this one)!  On to the sessions ... 

Jack was so photogenic this time!  Look how handsome he is here!!

I'm such a sucker for sibling kisses ... especially when they are on the nose!!
 Abby and Anna snuggling up and looking absolutely precious!

First time meeting these three and fell in love!  What a great family! Ashley, Braden and Vanessa were great sports and tried their best not to look cold :)

Evan was so stinking cute with his mom ... he just wanted to hold her hand!  Cherish these moments because one day he won't ... sniff sniff

McKenna looking absolutely adorable as always!!!
 Ha!!!  LOVE a good pouty face!!!  Maddie has it down too!

Love this one of Reese ... and look at that snow on her eyelash!  It was coming down in huge flakes!!

These four grew up so much on me!  One thing hasn't changed though - they still take care of their baby sister Brooklyn!  

Graham did so great during his session and I took this at the end because his big blue eyes popped so much in the snowy background!

How cute are these three?!  Next time we have to get Dad in there!!

 Ella was cold but this was the first time in snow and she did great!

Thank you to all of the families who came out once again!  I'm so blessed to have such great clients!!!  I'm also so lucky to have Mallory to help!  You rock!  Happy Holidays!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The kids had so much fun with Santa! Family Photographer | Minooka, IL

This was the third (and final) session with Santa for 2016 and the kids did great once again!  2016 was an absolutely awesome year and Santa's magic list proved that everyone was on the NICE list!

Miss Charlotte didn't like Santa but man oh man did she love playing peek-a-boo!!!  Love this little munchkin!

Jax was so excited to tell Santa what was on his list!!

 Just a regular old day ... Madi having cookies and milk with Santa!

I seriously can't handle the cuteness in this image of Olivia and Charlotte!  I have absolutely loved watching these gorgeous grow!

Cuteness overload!  The "R" kiddos giving Santa a great big hug!!

 Love how Lexi is looking on Santa's magic scroll for her name!

All of the "K" kiddos did great with Santa - including Mr. Bradley!

Cooper and Peyton did it!!!  They went by Santa and found out that it wasn't all that bad after all!!  This was such a big year for these two! LOVE!

QUICK - grab our gifts and RUN!  Hee hee ... Delaney, Riley and Haley enjoyed this a lot :)

Aubrie has never been afraid of Santa but Miss Gabby is a different story!  She was good as long as big sister was in between ... which was absolutely fine because look how gorgeous these girls are!

 Landon and Hayden didn't take Santa pictures but they used the same set up so I had to include them in here.  I just LOVE this image!!  They drank that milk up so fast!!

Nick was such a great sport and let me and his mama talk him into doing this ... I just love his baby blue eyes and dark hair!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of my family, friends and clients who helped make these sessions so perfect! And thank you to Mallory and Santa for an awesome season!  

Monday, November 14, 2016

Winter Wonderland with Santa! Family Photographer | Minooka, IL

Of course I had to create a new theme for day two of outdoor Santa sessions!  Thanks to my awesome neighbors for allowing me to take up a corner of their yard and for the winter wonderland ideas!  You guys really are the best! And thanks to my neighbor Janet, my hubby and Mallory for helping decorate this gorgeous set!

These boys enjoyed some marshmallows ... er, I mean hot cocoa with Santa! How cute are they?!!!
Where did my little girl go?!  Kyra looks so grown up to me here!

Lilly had the best expression when she opened up her present from Santa!  She must have been a super good girl!

CHEERS to another great year!
Nolan and Avery were super excited to see what Santa brought them!
Abigail and Asher loved their time with Santa!
Jake has to be on the NICE list with that smile!
John is telling Santa what he wants for Christmas!  
I can't handle these two!!! You know they are on Santa's NICE list for sure!
Bahaaaaaaaa!!!  Sutton was NOT happy again this year with Santa so we tried to take a picture with just her brothers but she was not having that either!  These guys have the best pictures every year!!!

The "F" boys were having a great time with Santa!!!
Thanks Santa for another job well done!!!  Me, you and Mallory sure make a great team!  

And thank you to all my awesome clients for another fantastic day!!!  I'm so lucky!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Which is your favorite?! These were the most fun Santa sessions to date! Family Photographer | Minooka, IL

I absolutely love the fact that I have been able to put all my time into my photography business!  I have always wanted to do a "Polar Express" type theme with Santa and I'm super excited to share those images with you!  Thank you to Mallory, Santa, my little sister and my hubby for making this vision come true!  You guys are the best!

Sam and Sadie kept warm by snuggling up in a blanket and drinking hot cocoa with Santa :)

These three were told that their elf left them presents in their car!  Just love the look on Madelyn's face while talking with the big guy!

 OMG!  I absolutely love this of Delaney and Parker talking with Santa!!!!!  Everything about this image is magical!

Mallory and I couldn't handle how adorable Caden looked in his Yeti outfit!!  Look at those slippers!  So adorable!

Collin was knocking on the back of the caboose and Santa came to help.  The look these kids give Santa literally makes my heart so happy!!!!  

Luke and Zach are on their way to the North Pole!

Mia thought it was hilarious that her little sister didn't like Santa!  He was trying to be sneaky and get in the picture but Nora caught him!  Too cute!

Little Emmett did not like Santa!  One day he'll love him!

Quinn and Easton are excited to go to the North Pole!!

Quick - jump on the train! Dominic and Joey thought that was silly!

Love that mom monogramed their pjs!  Jacob, Josh and Jackson loved Santa reading them the story about the Polar Express!

How many kids can say that got a ride on their sleigh by Santa?!  

 I can't handle the cuteness of this image!
 Mallory and I had the BEST time during these sessions!  Having a sunny 60+ degree day in November definitely helped but these kiddos really made our day!  Thank you so much to all of my clients who put their trust in me to provide them with these magical memories!