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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Paige, Gavin and Aiden's Valentine's SNEAK PEEK

Three of my favorite little kiddos!!  They are so much fun and I'm so glad I got to take their Valentine's pictures!  Hope they had fun and didn't have too much candy, Aimee ;)  

Gavin melts my heart :)
 Paige is such a little beauty!  I love these images of her!

 Aiden is such a ham!!!  Look how stinkin handsome he is!  Love that he wanted to be in front :)

How sweet!!

 OMG!  I absolutely LOVE Aiden's face!!!!!
 I just love EVERY thing about this picture!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Connor's newborn pictures

This little man is so stinkin handsome!!  Connor had newborn pictures taken at the hospital but mom wanted more (lucky for me!!).  I wasn't sure how well he would do since he was almost 8 weeks but he was absolutely perfect!  He was awake for all of the family and body part and golf pictures and then slept for me when I did his Cubs pictures!  Thank you so much for coming here and congratulations again!

Mark and Cori have that new parent glow!!!  LOVE IT!!

I absolutely love these pictures of Mommy and Connor!

Could Dad be ANY happier?! 

 Seriously?!  This baby is too cute for his own good!!!  I want to squeeze him!

Loved these pictures with their wedding rings!  And I love how Connor is looking at Dad in the middle picture!

Such a happy little guy!
 Dad brought his golf bag ... how awesome!

I was told that Connor's Grandpa is a big Cubs fan ... I however am NOT!  
I still LOVED how these turned out!

Mom and Dad's Little Slugger :)
 Isn't he precious?!

 And two more :)

Adalynn's 1 year pictures SNEAK PEEK

When Adalynn walked in, she was all smiles!  She has these beautiful blue eyes too ... but she was mobile and wanted to be anywhere but where I needed her :)  She was so funny when she got in the dress up stuff!!!  She loved the boa and kept putting up to her face ... absolutely priceless!  She did a great job on her cake too :) Thank you for bringing her for pictures, Lainie and thank you Liz for the referral!!
She liked the Sing-a-ma-jig :)

 Seriously?!  Is this not THE cutest picture you have ever seen?!!!!!
 She is something else!!!!
 What a doll!!!

 We went outside for some pictures but Addy didn't like it very much.

 Still love outside pictures!  There's nothing like them.

Cake smash time :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Ava's 3 month pictures SNEAK PEEK

Holy cow did Ava get big!  See her newborn pictures here.   Ava has gorgeous big blue eyes so I took a lot of close ups :)  She was such a good girl and I love that she sucks her thumb (reminds me of my daughter)!  Thank you so much for bringing her Meghan, Jimmy and Alexis!

I seriously could eat her up!!!!
 Such a happy girl!!!

OMG!  How cute is this outfit?  One of Meg's friends made her the tutu!  Love the bubbles in the big picture!

Here she is minus the shirt :)  She loved playing with the tutu!

Here's another tutu ... love the oooo look on her face in the top picture!  And of course I had to get her little feet!!!


I just love this effect in this outfit :)

Ava's Mommy made her hat!  How awesome!  
I'm hoping she can make me some fun things :)

OMG!!!  Baby giggles on a chubby baby ... life can't get any better!!!
 Happy Valentine's Day!!

 Daddy got to get in on a few pictures :)  The one on the right was so precious because this was at the end of the session and he was just snuggling with her ... LOVE!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Abigail's 9 month SNEAK PEEK

This was Abigail's third session and she was a complete angel in each one ... it makes me think that this child is always happy!!  She is such a good girl and she melts my heart when she smiles!  Crazy to think that she would smile really big when the camera wasn't in front of my face!  I can't believe she will be 1 the next time I see her!

How beautiful is she in this dress?!  
I just love her eyes!!!

 I told you she was a happy little girl!!

A beautiful angel!

 Happy Valentine's Day!

 She didn't know what to think when the boa was put on her!
 I could eat her up for dinner!

So stinkin cute!
 She was such a big girl sitting in the chair!
 She sure makes a gorgeous owl too!

Friday, January 6, 2012

"B" Family Pictures

I just loved this family!  These three girls were so much fun!  Mackenzie is the oldest and she reminded me of my daughter - the other two's second mother :)  Kennedy was the free spirit and just wanted to have fun!  And then there was little Addisyn who tried tricking me in believing she was the shy/quiet one (which was NOT the case ... please refer to last picture).  HA!  Thank you so much for having me capture your beautiful family, Laura and Jason!

 Three absolutely gorgeous girls!
 Too cute!

My favorite picture of them!!

Such a loving family!

Kennedy cracked me up!  
 Perfect family!
 Love these pictures :)

This was so not posed and I love it!!!

Look at the wild one in the middle ... and I thought she was shy!!