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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"N" Family Pictures

I went to high school with Sara so it was great to see her again and meet her gorgeous family!  Sara lives in California so this was their only day that they could come for pictures and of course - it was raining!  We still made the best of it and Sara and Phil got some great pictures of their family!  Thank you so much for coming and I hope the next time you are in town - we can get some awesome outdoor shots ... OR ... you could fly me out to CA and I can take some outside pictures there ;)  HA!!

Aaron was such a good kid!
Good luck in school this year and kick some butt in football, buddy!

 I loved how much he loves his little sister!!!!

We didn't let that rain keep us from getting flower pot pictures :)

The happy and beautiful Charli!

Phil ran and got Charli's pacifier so that she could go to sleep and 
these are the images we got because of it!

Sara, Phil, Aaron and Charli looking so great!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Logan's 3 month SNEAK PEEK

This was my first time meeting Logan, his mommy and his grandma!  What a super sweet family!  Logan was all smiles and took some awesome pictures (as you can see below!).  Close to the end of his session, in his own way - he let us know he was done :)  Typical boy (hee hee).  I think it was a blessing because if he took any more great pictures - his mom wouldn't know which ones to frame!!!  Hope you love these Maggie!!

H A P P Y   B A B Y!!!
 Just love these pics of him on his lamb 
(look close at the picture below and you'll see his little butt crack hanging out - 
SOOOOOO adorable!)

I'm a sucker for details!
 His mommy wanted ONE picture and that was with the wedding rings.  
Logan knew it and he did everything he could to NOT give his mom 
the picture she wanted :)  Look at him even covering his face!  
Notice how his toes are all curled up too?  I was dying!!!
 This handsome little man makes me smile so big!!!!

If life gives you lemons

sell lemonade :)  I had to laugh because the neighbors came over at one time to buy lemonade and even the FedEx man stopped to buy some!  I didn't have any throw-away cups so I felt horrible that these people were helping out the children and they couldn't even get a drink in return.  And yet, they still gave them money!  Just goes to show that there are still some really great people out there!

Elizabeth's 2 year pictures

Elizabeth is such a beautiful little girl!  I was so excited to be able to use my new Petti Romper from Luxe Buttercup's Boutique and the headband from PinkHouse GreenCar !!  She wore them both so well, didn't she?!  Thanks for being such a good girl, sweetheart!  Aunti Jenni loves you!

 Absolutely beautiful!
 Blowing kisses and giving hugs :)  SO SWEET!!!
 Ugh - I can't take how cute she is!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Alex, Miles and Paige's SNEAK PEEK

Do you remember these two boys?!  They were all over my website and the picture of their legs and feet is still the cover image for my "Children and Families" gallery on my website.  I just LOVE these two and guess what ... they had a beautiful little sister a few months ago!!!  Man oh man is this one gorgeous family!  Thank goodness Paige has two big brothers to protect her :)  Thanks for coming Kathryn and I hope you love these pictures as much as I do!

I always love catching the moments like the second picture :)
Miles wanted to throw the rock sooooo bad!  
And I love how he's looking at Alex in the picture on the right!  

I just love these candids!
 Alex ... Miles ... Paige :)

I love how Miles is looking up at big brother!!

 Seriously?!  Can she be any cuter???  LOVE the picture on the right ...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Drew's 9 month pictures SNEAK PEEK

Lisa and Dan walked in with Drew and I felt like a little ol' grandma ... I just wanted to squeeze those cheeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This little man was so handsome!  He was so happy until we decided to put him in the fishing basket.  The poor little guy did NOT want to be in it and then stayed mad for a while (didn't help that it was 100 degrees out!).  I still got some great pictures of him so it was OK, Drew!

Do you see what I mean about his cheeks?!  
 Gorgeous family!

Love me some baby feet!!
I'm telling you, if your baby is ever bored - 
just sit him/her in a pile of rocks and they will be happy ;)

 This is his favorite truck ... love how he's playing!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

"S" Family Pictures SNEAK PEEK

The "S" family is awesome!  I had a lot of fun photographing them all :)  I loved that Josh didn't want to take pictures with Megan and always wanted to be by Kelsey ... cracks me up!  Siblings being siblings.  Mom and Dad were so laid back and were up for anything.  I'm so glad I was able to get their pictures done before Kelsey went away to college!  GOOD LUCK!!!!

Gorgeous family!
Josh is such a character!  I told him to give Dad a kiss so what did he do ... 
YEP!  He licked him!  Love the picture after the lick too!
 Some random pics of the kids :)

All because two people fell in love ... 

Like I said ... Josh is a character!  LOVE THESE PICS!!!

Lindsey's Senior Pictures SNEAK PEEK

Lindsey has THE most beautiful green eyes!  Holy cow!  She is absolutely stunning and has an awesome personality!  Have a great Senior year, sweetheart!

Love these pictures of her!  
(I have a confession to make ... I love all of her pictures!)

Cheerleading pictures :)

I loved how easy going Lindsey was!


Had to get the brick wall pics :)
 LOVE these pictures!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

Brody's 1 Year Pictures SNEAK PEEK

Do you remember this cutie pie?!  I took his 6 month pictures (click to see them on Facebook) in February and he was so handsome ... didn't think he could get any cuter but he did!!  His hair is still crazy which cracks me up :)  Poor little Brody got upset about half way thru but he still gave me a few smiles ... and that's all I need so thanks buddy!!

He still has the biggest ... most gorgeous blue eyes!!
 Daddy and Brody time :)

Mom said that Brody loves cake but he didn't want any this day and that is OK!  You are still the cutest, Brody!!  (love the frosting on his big toe)

Dad thought he would be happier in the water ... and he was right!

Friday, August 19, 2011

"C" Family Pictures SNEAK PEEK

Lucky for us, the weatherman was wrong in his forecast for this beautiful day!  I have known Chris and Katie for a long time so it was super fun photographing their gorgeous family!  The kids were so much fun and did awesome!  Enjoy the sneak peeks :)

Cole is one of the happiest little guys and his smile makes me smile!
Audrey was having some fun playing peek-a-boo with Miss Jenni :)
 I love that Audrey has spunk! 

Love the family picture!  And this one of Cole is 100% boy :)
 Absolutely love this picture!!!!
 Cole was hilarious in the water - he just kept jumping in like a little fish!

I have to say that this is one of my favorite pictures of all time!  I think this picture should be in the dictionary under the word "siblings"!