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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hale's newborn pictures

It was raining babies this week!!  I was in absolute heaven!  He fits his name perfectly ... very manly!  He is so handsome and I just wanted to squeeze him (but I held back ... at least I think I did!).  Congratulations again Danielle and Kent!  Thank you so much for the referral Kathryn!

Dad and Mom are so in love with Baby Hale that it's adorable!  
 Absolutely beautiful!

I was loving his John Deere blanket!  
I also loved how manly he looked while taking these :)
 Seriously - I want to eat him up just looking at these!
 One of my favs!
 Such a big boy!!
 HA!!  He didn't like the scale very much :)

Dominic's newborn pictures

Remember this little guy?  I had to share the picture of him in the sleigh on FB while back because I was dying over it!  He was so wonderful ... and not to mention extremely handsome!!!  Kyla and Mark are very blessed for such a good boy!!  Congratulations again and I can't wait to see him again!

Dominic was born on Halloween - how cool is that?!
 LOVE his little turkey butt :)

So this picture just makes me giggle every time I look at it!!
 Absolutely adorable!

P E R F E C T !

Time for some fun hats!  Love the hunter's hat with the turkey :)

So peaceful!
 Da Bears!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blake's 2 month and Grant's 5 year

I photographed Grant last year and he was sooooo shy ... wow what a difference a year makes!  He was so outgoing and was totally posing for me.  LOVED every second!  He is going to be the best big brother to little Blake!  Blake was such a good boy and those eyes ... oh my!  Thanks again for bringing the boys, Kim!

So stinkin handsome ... and loving those dimples!
 How cute are these two?!

Looks like Blake is flexing in the image on the right :)
 I just love these pics!

I always love when moms get in for a few!!  Absolutely precious!

You know me and my feet shots :)

Blake and his hats :)

Noah's newborn pictures

I was so excited when Jill contacted me for newborn pictures ... I love babies!!  Noah was born over 10lbs so he didn't look like a brand new baby ... but he was!  And big brother Ben was just the sweetest!!  I love how much he loves his little brother!

How adorable are these two boys?!  
 I just want to eat him up!

 I even got a smile out of him :)
 He was so big in the basket :)


Just chillin (at least in the image on the right - ha!)

Leah's 2 year and Caleb and Brooklyn's 3 month pictures

I was so excited to meet the twins!!!!  I was extremely shocked when I saw how big they were,  The personalities the twins were displaying was the exact opposite of what mom described ... made me giggle :)  Leah is going to be such a great big sister ... one day.  Being just 2 years old, she doesn't want much to do with them right now (understandably).  I can't wait to watch their relationship develop!

 These two crack me up!

LOVE Caleb's pouty face in the image on the left and LOVE Brooklyn's expression in the other one!

Two absolutely beautiful babies!

How sweet is this?!  Not posed either!

Brooklyn makes a sweet pumpkin blossom while Caleb makes a handsome pumpkin :)
 Absolutely LOVE these two images of Leah!  
 Happy 2nd birthday, sweetheart!

The "G" Family Pictures

I completely forgot to blog this session (and the next one) so I apologize Valerie!!  You have such a great family!  Their eyes are just awesome ... wonder where they get them from ;)  HA!   Thank you so much for coming out and thanks Tisha for the referral!

Such a fun and beautiful family ... two great combinations! 
 Dominic was seriously a ham!

Look at this little man ... gorgeous!
 Brothers :)  
 The boys loved the eyeballs in the jar ... they loved throwing them the most :)
 I just love these shots!

 I think they will be quarterbacks or pitchers because they loved throwing!
 Loving these moments!!

Two extremely gorgeous boys!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The "K" Family Pictures SNEAK PEEK

This family is absolutely wonderful!  I started taking pictures of them last year and have photographed them 4 times now :)  I love that Anthony and Michael are goofballs like their dad and Olivia is reserved like her mom.  You can tell this family knows how to have fun though!  I had a smile on my face the entire session!  Thanks guys!!  Hope you like your sneak peeks ...

What a great looking family!!
 These guys are just too much!  
 All because two people fell in love :)
 Two beautiful girls and three goofy boys :)
 One of my favorite pictures!!  Great idea, Jim!!

I love these pictures of mom with kids and dad with kids!  
 Another fav :)