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Friday, December 9, 2011

Jake's 3 month pictures

Jake was the little guy who modeled the Dr. Seuss hat for me three short months ago.  Well he's back and much bigger!!  This time he came with mom AND dad so we were able to get in some great family pictures!  And the weather was decent so we took a few outside.  Jake wasn't smiling for me but it didn't matter ... he is sooooo handsome that he didn't need to smile!  Thanks for bringing him back, Tisha!

Holy cow does Jake look like his Daddy!  LOVE THESE!

I love the one of mom and Jake ... she was trying to get him to smile and he just wasn't listening :)

I can't take all of the cuteness!!!  

The top picture is Jake's newborn and the bottom picture is him at 3 months (same bowl and same blanket).  He's a growing boy!!!

Baby's First Christmas pictures :)

 He was so tired that he finally gave in and fell asleep for a few minutes :)
 Isn't he the cutest little reindeer?!

Happy 11 year anniversary to my hubby!!

It doesn't seem like it's been 11 years ... I can remember my wedding day like it was yesterday :)   Happy anniversary to a great husband and father!  Steve makes me a better person and I'm so grateful that he is my man!  I'm also grateful for the three gorgeous children that he has given me!!! I figured today was the perfect day to blog my family pictures that we took last month!

He is an awesome dad!
 I have these three monsters because of him :)

 All because two people fell in love ...

I love my family to pieces!!!

I was blessed to have this sassy girl almost 6 years ago!

 She looks just like her Daddy but has her Mama's personality (sorry honey!)

Two and a half years ago we were blessed with a mischievous son
(can't you can see it in his eyes?!)

And then a year ago we were blessed with this surprise!
We can't imagine our lives without him - that is FOR SURE!
Special thanks to my little sister for taking the pictures with me in them and to Heather for helping get the kiddos ready!! XOXO

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Trevor's 9 month pictures

Oh Trevor!  I just love this little man! He has that really contagious smile (you'll see!).  I know my daughter loves it when Blair comes with the boys because she gets to spend time with Trevor's older brother Nathan :)  Blair always brings the collage she had taken of Nathan at this age so that we can try to get similar pics of Trevor.  (still haven't had time to do Trevor's 6 month collage but I will ... promise!)

Look at that sly little grin ... I want to squeeze him!!
 Love the tongue sticking out!!
 Playing with the train
 Hee hee :)
 Such a skinny little man!  We had to give him a train so that he would sit still long enough to take the picture :)

Merry Christmas!!!!  (Love the bottom picture!!!)

 He's so stinking cute!

"W" Family Pictures

I couldn't believe it when I received a request in February from Theresa asking to set up an appointment in November!  She said that she waited too long to schedule last year and that she wasn't missing out again this year.  I was so grateful that the weather was cooperative!

Jake didn't want his picture taken so he tried to hide or not smile.
So I teased him most of the session and look - he took great pictures! 
 Love these pictures!!!  

 This is my fav of mom and the kids!!

Great family!  I love mom giving Jake a hard time in the pic on the right :)
 Two gorgeous children!

Some Daddy/Daughter moments (I'm such a sucker for these!)
 These pictures of Jake are great!

Simply beautiful.

 Love this picture!!!!!  Did I say that I LOVE this picture ... because I do!
 Lauren is absolutely a doll!
 Love this of Mom and Lauren!

We got mom on the tire swing at the end and I caught Jake laughing :)
I had to laugh when Theresa emailed me that she told Jake they had to come back and retake their pictures the next day and he wasn't even upset!  Yay!!!

Grayson's 6 month pictures

I photographed Grayson when he was first born so I was so excited to see what this little man looked like after 6 months!  OMG!  What a ham!!  He was all smiles and such a good boy!!  Can't wait to see him again at a year!!!  Merry Christmas Amanda, Nick and Grayson!

Grayson made my job so extremely easy!!  Look how happy he is :)

 Seriously ... LOVE the drool!!!  What a handsome boy!
 Merry Christmas!!

Are these not the sweetest Christmas pictures?!
 I just want to eat him up!


And I had to put him in the nest since he was the first newborn to model it :) 

Alex's Christmas Pictures SNEAK PEEK

YEP!  You read that correctly ... I'm back to giving SNEAK PEEKS.  I have been so behind lately but I see a light at the end of the tunnel :)  SO ... Alex and his family came for Christmas pictures and I was just loving his train sweater!  Alex was such a good boy too!  He would get a little upset but it would only last for a minute and then he would give great smiles!  I hope you love what you see, Jessica!  And thank you to the Good Sam's nurses that referred Jessica to me!

What a great looking family! 
 I absolutely LOVE this picture!
 Alex would turn on his charm and WOW ... great pictures!!
 HA!  Love this picture! 
 Could it get any cuter?  Alex was the best pretend sleeper!!  I love the cookies in the corner of his mouth!

These are just awesome!  I love his surprised face ... his great big laugh ... and his pretend sleep!

The "S" Family Pictures

I had to laugh when I got the request for the "S" family pictures ... she sent me a message saying, "All of my hair clients get their pictures done by you :):) I told some of them to back off, they are clogging up your schedule and now I can't get mine done."  Magen and I went to high school together (I won't talk about all of the trouble we got into!).  Anyway, I truly enjoyed taking pictures of her beautiful family!  It's not fair that her hubby is so photogentic!  Magen likes to think that she isn't but I think you will be on my side after you see these pictures!

I told you they were beautiful!
I love these Daddy/Daughter moments!  Morgan was sooooo cold but she did awesome!!

 Two beautiful girls!  I swear that Morgan is a mini-me of her mama!!! 

How cute are they?!  Love these of Magen and Jimmy!
Jimmy was supposed to take his hat off for some (because Magen didn't want it on) and she ended up loving every picture of it on :)

 Ugh!  I just love this picture of Morgan!!!!  I want this blown up and put on a canvas in my house!
 What a doll!
 This family needs to model, don't they?!