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Friday, September 30, 2011

Cullen's 1 Year Pictures SNEAK PEEK

Oh how this little boy has grown!  I had the honor of photographing Cullen since he was a newborn (mom and dad purchased the Baby's First Year Package).  It's always bitter sweet though ... I love seeing how much they grow and change every three months but then I go to not seeing them for six months, and then every year!!  But Nicole promised me that she wouldn't go that long so I hope she keeps her promise!  This little man is so handsome and is going to be a heart breaker FOR SURE!

I think you have a WONDERFUL family Nicole and Tim and I can't wait for Cullen to be a big brother one day ... so get movin' on that, ok?! Ha!!! 
He is always dressed like a little man and I LOVE IT!!!  Check out his shoes!

I love the picture on the bottom right ... he was trying so hard to reach the leaves of the tree :)

Ha!!!  Mom told me at the beginning of the session that Cullen has been making this hilarious face and she was hoping I'd be able to capture it ... I did!!  And then I got some great smiles too!!

I love how he's trying to eat the pumpkin!

He loved the balloons :)

Cake time!!

Love the looks he is giving in these next pictures!  The last one he is holding up his index finger and telling me he's ONE!!!
 One last picture from this session ... 
Thank you for a great year, Nicole and Tim!
I've had a blast capturing Cullen at each milestone!  

Thursday, September 29, 2011


I love photographing friends and their families!  I've known the "K" family for a long time (way before kids!) so this was a very laid back session.  It was raining before their session but the rain stopped for about 20-30 minutes (with a little sprinkle here and there) so we were able to get their family pictures taken!  YAY!  Thank you Mother Nature :)  Mark and Raquel wanted family pictures and 6 year pictures of Isabelle.  Still can't believe she's going to be 6!  We were pregnant at the same time and we both had girls ... they get along really well too ... so this turned into a short play-date for Belle and Kyra :)  Well thanks for bringing the kids out and I hope you love the pictures Raquel!!!

I love how the kids are looking at each other!!!
 Belle's 6 year pictures ... she's so beautiful!
 I just love the look she's giving in both of these!
 The middle picture just cracks me up!  Still can't believe that Colin was smiling for the pictures!!

Seriously?!  This girl is too much for me :)  LOVE HER!
 Sister love!

Tell me that you didn't just get the biggest smile on your face when you saw this :)

Awe!  Now a little lovin' from the momma!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Memphis and Mason's 2 year pictures SNEAK PEEK

I can't believe how big these two boys have gotten!!!!  It's been a year since I've seen them and they looked like little men!  Memphis was such a little ham - he kept looking at me to make sure I was taking his picture :)  Mason, on the other hand, was not liking me so much :(  He kept giving me dirty looks and only wanted to be held by mom.  But then we went to the park and he started having some fun.  Thanks so much for bringing them back Julie ... and for your help, Grandma!!

Memphis acting shy ... but so quickly did he start being a cheese :)

Memphis making sure I'm watching ... Mason making sure he doesn't look at me and then the two of them being soooooo stinkin cute together!!!
 Love Mom with her boys!!!  Look how happy Memphis is ... 
I think he wanted to jump in :)

Horray for M&M!!!

They make me smile!!

Love these pics!
 Seriously - I think these of Mason are my favs!

And they are off ... 

Ha!!  Look at Memphis' face!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kara's Senior Pictures

Kara is an absolutely stunning High School Senior!  I had such a fun time photographing her.  She was up for anything and I swear she had to think I was nuts (which I am).  I loved that her mom was so calm and laid back ... it really shows in Kara's pictures!  Thanks so much for coming out here and I hope you love them as much as I do!  I hope you have a GREAT Senior year!!

 Love the super fun outfit!  The colors were perfect for her skin tone!

Love the peacefulness of this picture!

She's a soccer player too!

This picture just makes me smile!!!

Now she's dressed up and ready to give me a little attitude 
(it was REALLY hard to get her to NOT smile!)

Simply gorgeous

 You know I have to get some railroad pictures in

Gwendolyn's newborn pictures

I knew Gwendolyn would be beautiful (big sister Emelia is gorgeous) but I didn't realize she'd be THIS beautiful!  Look at the head of hair too!  Big blue eyes and a perfect little face.  The girls are just over a year apart so I hope they are the best of friends as they get older.  Congratulations again Mary!

 Do you think Emelia is excited about her baby sister?!

Love baby pieces ... especially little wrinkles and toes!
 She looks like she's modeling already, doesn't she?!

Isn't she the sweetest looking bear?!

I was so happy that she finally gave up and fell asleep 
(even though it was only for 5 minutes)
 Even girls look great in the trench bowl!!

Daddy wanted pictures of Gwen in this dress since Emelia got her pictures
taken in it ... I thought that was so sweet!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Amber's Senior Pictures SNEAK PEEK

Amber is such a beautiful person - inside and out!  I'm so grateful to know her and her family!  Still can't believe she is a Senior though!  CRAZINESS!  I love you sweetheart and think the world of you :)

Amber being her goofy self (with a little help from me of course)

I love her smile!
 She is so gorgeous!
 Love these :)
 What a great location for pictures ... great idea Amber!
 I just love this picture!
 Skipping some rocks :)

 Showing some attitude :)