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Monday, March 13, 2017

Do you know what the sparkles resemble in my logo? Read on to find out! Newborn | Family Photographer | Minooka, IL

I was given the opportunity to put 100% of my time towards photography almost one year ago and I honestly haven't been happier!  I'm not stressed out and I'm loving being there for my kids all the time!

I knew that I wanted a clean start to my new full time job ... which meant I needed to rebrand. I hired a big company online to create a logo that represented me and I was very disappointed :( They didn't get me and I literally hated every logo they created for me.  However, they were great and gave me all my money back.  So I went on a search to find the perfect company for me to design my logo.  I found Marie from Autumnscreek. I love colorful and fun things but I also wanted to incorporate the people I love that are no longer with us. She designed the perfect logo for me!

Let's take a step backwards for a minute ... I was at the funeral of one of my best friend's son, and the priest talked about how her 3 year old little boy was a caterpillar and now is a gorgeous butterfly. "The butterfly is the most frequently mentioned ADC sign.  It is a spiritual symbol for life after death because of its metamorphosis, or transformation, from a caterpillar that crawls on the ground to a beautiful, almost ethereal creature that flies through the air."  I have never looked at a butterfly the same after that funeral.  I think of Owen every single time I see a Monarch butterfly and it makes me smile knowing he is with us and watching over us.

In the summer of 2014, I lost my mom to COPD (only 10 months after we lost my stepdad to lung cancer).  I miss her with all of my heart!  I wanted her to be a part of my business, as she was my biggest fan!  The picture below was my mom's favorite picture of the two of us - it was taken at my friend's wedding.

So Marie from Autumnscreek put in the sparkles in my logo for the people I have lost.  There are five sparkles and they represent my dad who I lost when I was 2, my grandparents, Owen, my stepdad and my mom.

I have a love for photography but it's because I have lost so many people in my life that I realize just how important it really is - you just never know how long you have with your loved ones!

So now you know the meaning behind my logo.  It doesn't make me sad - it makes me happy knowing all of those people have a piece of my heart.


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